Gheorghe Corneliu Lazarovici, Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici

A miniature chariot wheel from Balta Sărată. A study of ethno-religion –archaeology

Starting from a miniature chariot wheel discovered at Balta Sărată, we made a foray into the world of models representing cult wagon models, showing their meanings and the myths they transmit. We made a grouping of them based on several characteristics (type of wagon models, materials from which they were made, number of wheels), but also other symbolic elements that are accompanied (birds, snakes, horses, swastika, spiral, square etc.). Their symbolism is eloquent, most of the rendered elements being found on other cult objects, from PPN and until late in the historical era. From a chronological point of view, such wagon models appear since the end of the Copper Age and we find them back to antiquity. We did not avoid the models rendered on different vessels or those discovered in the cave representations (the latter more difficult to attribute to a certain era).


wagon model; types of worship wagon models; the meaning of the signs and symbols.