Ion Mareș

Un depozit de obiecte din bronz descoperit la Pătrăuți, com. Pătrăuți, jud. Suceava

A deposit made up of six bronze artifacts (a Transylvanian type celt, a chisel with a tube, three sickles with “button” and a raw fragment) was accidentally discovered in 2018, in the forest near Pătrăuţi village (on the road to Dragomirna), Suceava county. The deposit dates from the early Iron Age, Hallstatt A1, the Gáva-Grănicești-Holihrady (GGH) culture, being, through its composition, unique in the geographical area of the Suceava Plateau-Upper Dniester. The discovery is important both for studying prehistoric bronze metallurgy and for completing the list of such discoveries.


deposit bronze artifacts; early Iron Age; Hallstatt A1; Gáva-Grănicești-Holihrady (GGH) culture; prehistoric bronze metallurgy.